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Financial Help for Artistshepa vacuum

Up to $500 reimbursement for your business

Artists can get 50% of their costs reimbursed up to $500. They can use this reimbursement or voucher for:

  • Disposal and recycling.
  • Equipment, including ventilation.
  • Safety supplies
  • HEPA filter vacuums

To be eligible, a business must

  • Be located in King County. This includes cities (including all of Bothell, Pacific and Auburn) and unincorporated areas.
  • Produce less than 220 lbs/month of hazardous waste.
  • *Have a business license.
  • Receive a visit from an Art Hazards representative who will recommend how you can use your reimbursement.

How does it work?

  • Contact us using the form below or call 206-263-1673 to schedule a no-charge visit.
  • One of our Art Hazards staff will visit your location and suggest improvements and give you a voucher.
  • You make the recommended changes and submit the voucher with receipts.
  • We send you 50% of your expense – up to $500 – for following our recommendations.

Thousands of businesses have benefited from participating in this program since 1995.
Questions? Interested in a no-charge visit from one of our technical staff? Fill out the Contact form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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*Qualifying businesses must be SQGs or small quantity generators, producing less than 220 pounds of waste per month, and never accumulate more than 2,200 pounds at their site. A few gallons of solvent could qualify a business for this program. SQG is defined by State regulations Chapter 173 - 303 WAC, RCW 70.105.