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Americans with Disability (ADA) Requirements

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Americans with Disability (ADA) Requirements

ADA requires that we have a statement on all of our publications that it is available in alternate formats. For this reason, use the following statement on all of our print publications:

Alternate Formats Available
Voice: (put in a phone number such as 206-263-1661) or TTY Relay: 711

This statement must

  • be printed in black (not colored) ink.
  • use an easy-to-read non-italic typeface, such as Arial or Helvetica.
  • be in a font size of at least 14 points.

What is TTY relay and how does it work?

The TTY (TeleTYpewriter) relay is a service that provides telephone accessibility for the hearing impaired. The TTY user types letters that are converted into electrical signals that travel over regular telephone lines to another TTY, where they appear on a text display or a paper print-out.

Who does the ADA apply to?

The ADA applies to all state and local governments, whether or not they receive federal funding. You can find more information at the ADA home page.