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Publication Date: 04/01/2011
Type: Directory
Title: Hazardous Waste Directory ("Yellow Book") 2011 edition
Author: Lauren Cole, Cheri Grasso
Abstract: For a free copy call the Business Waste Line 206-263-8899 or 800-325-6165, ext. 3-8899. Access a searchable database of the "Yellow Book" on our web page at

The "Yellow Book" Waste Directory is a practical tool for facilities that need help managing their hazardous waste. It tells how and where to dispose of hazardous waste, with specific guidance and vendors for each waste. However, the directory does not list all potential vendors nor does listing constitute an endorsement of the vendor. General information about hazardous waste regulations is also included: protecting yourself by making sure the vendors you hire are responsible, related laws and regulations, preventing spills, labeling wastes, manifests and shipping papers. Resources for getting more help are also provided.
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