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Dry Cleaning with High-flashpoint Hydrocarbon Solvents Stephen G. Whittaker and Rachel M. Shaffer We evaluated three high-flashpoint hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvents (DF2000, EcoSolv and Calypsolv) by performing chemical analyses and fish bioassays. We also performed an extensive literature revie ... 11/29/2018
Racial Equity Strategic Plan Summary, 2018-2021 Liz Tennant, Alexandra Blum and Maythia Airhart LHWMP’s Racial Equity Strategic Plan sets a path forward to improve the program’s policies, practices, and service delivery. The Summary describes the Plan's approach, vision, and strategies to addres ... 10/16/2018
Racial Equity Strategic Plan: Volume 1 Liz Tennant and Maythia Airhart The Strategic Plan serves as a guiding document for how LHWMP will advance its racial equity goals. Supporting documents include Volume 2: Racial Equity Implementation Plan (Doc# 3230), and Volume ... 10/16/2018
Washington State Oil and Hazardous Materials Cleanup Contractors Washington State Department of Ecology Ecology maintains this list of primary response contractors (PRCs), Class 2 mobile facilities, and regional treatment centers for petroleum contaminated soil that are active in Washington state. A ... 06/25/2018
Washington State Certified Lead-Based Paint Firms Washington State Department of Commerce. Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program The Department of Commerce Lead-Based Paint Program publishes a list of firms certified to perform lead-based paint activities in the State of Washington. Available directly from WA Dept. of Comme ... 05/10/2018
Focus On Dangerous Waste: Handle Pharmaceutical Waste Properly Thomas Cusack and Dee Williams; Washington (State). Department of Ecology This guidance is for clinics and health care facilities that must deal with waste pharmaceuticals and regulated medical waste. Available directly from DOE at: ... 05/01/2018
Moving In? Moving Out? City of Auburn Whether you’re packing or unpacking, check out these tips and resources to help you waste less, reuse, recycle more and dispose of hazardous waste properly. Available directly from the City of Aubu ... 04/01/2018
Soil Sampling & Safety Guidance for People Concerned about Arsenic & Lead Erika Bronson; Washington (State). Department of Ecology. Toxics Cleanup Program. Dirt Alert: This guide contains step-by-step instructions for sampling soil from your property for arsenic and lead. It will help you select an appropriate lab for analysis and provides the directions ... 04/01/2018
Problem Wastes for Property Managers Judy Kennedy, Washington State Department of Ecology Managing your properties also requires managing the dangerous materials and wastes that are on the premises, to avoid the potential risks to people and the environment. This guide will help you identi ... 02/01/2018
2017 Annual Report: Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, Washington Ali Blum This report highlights LHWMP's financial status, services and accomplishments for 2017. 2017 LHWMP Annual Report 01/01/2018
Page of 73 |   724 records found   |