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Products that Contain Mercury

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Products that contain mercury

Products that contain even a small amount of mercury may be toxic. In King County it is illegal to put mercury-containing products in the garbage or down the drain. You must take them to a recycling or hazardous waste facility.

Households can dispose of their waste mercury products at one of these disposal locations.

Businesses can dispose of mercury through a mercury reclamation facility or a hazardous waste management company.

Products with mercury

Other resources

Cosmetics and personal care products: Avoiding Bodily Harm (Washington Toxics Coalition, 2006) lists products that contain mercury.

The Washington State Mercury Chemical Action Plan describes all sources of mercury in Washington, including products.

A 'Mercury-Added Products' database is maintained by the Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association, and a comprehensive description of products containing mercury has been compiled by Environment Canada.

The Household Appliance Mercury Switch Removal Manual (Vermont Mercury Education and Reduction Campaign, 2002, PDF, 1.3 MB) shows where these switches are located and how to remove them.

"The Use of Mercury for Cultural and Religious Purposes") (National Association of County and City Health Officials, PDF, 300KB) discusses the cultural and ritual significance of mercury and its use by various social groups.

Mercury in Schools can be dangerous and also expensive to clean up.