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Remodeling at Home Safely

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Remodeling at Home Safely

Was your home built before 1978?

If yes and your repair or remodel will disturb old paint, you need to know about the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP)

Why does this apply to homes built before 1978?

  • In 1978 the federal government banned lead paint for use in homes.
  • Pre-1978 homes are more likely to have lead paint that can get into construction dust and paint chips. 
  • Exposing children to lead, even small amounts, can cause permanent neurological damage.

Doing it yourself?

The new law doesn't cover you, but it's still important to do the job safely. Don't risk poisoning yourself or your family with lead! Here's advice on lead-safe ways to deal with old paint (PDF).

Are you a Property Manager?

If you maintain pre-1978 rental units or buildings where children live, hire only certified contractors. Or get certified yourself. Here's information (PDF) to get you started.

More Information

Lead poisoning and children: keeping your kids safe at home. (PDF)

How lead can affect you and your children, see Lead and its human effects.

For tips on how to 'green up' your remodel, visit King County's Eco-Cool Remodel Tool.

Washington State’s Lead-Based Paint Programs


Contact Will Perry at 206-263-8477 - Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, Public Health-Seattle & King County.