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Teacher Workshops

Hazards on the Homefront — Grades 4-6 and 6-12

The "Hazards on the Homefront" workshop provides information on how household cleaning and gardening products affect human health and the environment and explains how to make safe product choices. It introduces hands-on activities to teach students about household hazardous products, bioaccumulation, proper disposal and safer alternatives. Activities reinforce scientific methods and are easy to incorporate into science, health, technical education, life skills and other subjects.

Hazards on the Homefront is offered to King County teachers at no cost in August, for a half day in winter, or on request. For more information, contact Erin Hislop at 206-583-0655 or or visit the project webpage.

Hazards on the Homefront includes the following:

  • teacher’s guide and ready-to-use lesson plans.
  • Green Cleaning Kit with safer cleaning products.
  • stipend (certified King County teachers).
  • clock hours.
  • alignment with Next Generation Science Standards and health and fitness EALRs.
  • information about follow-up classroom presentations and mini-grants.
  • lunch (all day workshops only).

Watch a video that demonstrates how to teach Lesson 1: Household Hazardous Products from the Hazards on the Homefront teacher guide for grades 4-6.

Household Hazardous Products video

Teacher comments:

"I felt very comfortable teaching these lessons. I recommend that at least one science teacher from each school attend the workshop." – Ninth grade physical science teacher

"Great workshop! The materials in the binder are wonderful and make it easy to apply." – 10th/11th grade teacher

Foss Environments Kit and “Hazards on the Homefront”

Training and support materials are available for teachers or school districts interested in incorporating “Hazards on the Homefront’ lessons into the Foss Environments Kit. Lesson materials focus on the scientific method and address WASL objectives using the household hazardous waste lessons and the Foss Environments Kit. The materials were developed by a fifth-grade Shoreline teacher through a King County grant and have been used successfully by teachers in the Shoreline School District. To learn more about the materials or to schedule a free, half-day workshop, contact Jennifer Howell at 206-583-0655 or

District-specific workshops

King County schools and school districts can sponsor their own household hazardous waste workshops tailored to district curricula. For more information, contact Jennifer Howell at 206-583-0655 or