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Healthy School Facilities

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Healthy School Facilities

Schools that reduce the risk of chemical exposures, prevent unwanted chemical reactions, and generate less hazardous waste promote a healthy and safe environment for students, teachers and staff.

Hazardous Chemicals in Schools
Though school laboratories produce relatively small amounts of hazardous waste, they often contain a wide variety of concentrated chemicals, some of which are extremely hazardous. Schools must take particular care when storing and disposing of laboratory chemical wastes.

Rehab the Lab
Rehab the Lab is a free service to help King County schools manage their hazardous chemicals. Teachers can download lesson plans for least-toxic chemistry labs and can access a database of school chemicals that describes their risks and provides guidelines for their storage, purchase and disposal.

7 Steps to a Healthier Classroom (PDF)
Take these simple steps to a healthier classroom for you and your students. Topics include how to manage stuffed toys, rugs, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, air vents, classroom pets, dust and more..

Pesticides and Schools – Parent Notification Law
Public schools and licensed daycare facilities in Washington are required to notify parents and employees about pesticides used on school grounds.

Green Schools Program (external link)
Schools and school districts in King County can receive assistance from the King County Green Schools Program to initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling activities, make environmental health improvements, and implement other conservation actions.

Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool (external link)
The Environmental Protection Agency’s School Environments Assessment Tool (HealthySEATv2) is a software program to help school districts evaluate and manage all their environmental, safety and health issues.

Other Useful Links

Household Hazardous Products
Learn About Chemicals Around Your House (GRADES 4-8) (external link)
What do you know about the household products in your home? Find out by taking an interactive house tour on this US EPA site for students and teachers.

A Small Dose of Toxicology (GRADES 9-12) (external link)
Learn about the health effects of common chemicals. Find information on pesticides, lead, caffeine, alcohol and much more by downloading for free A Small Dose of Toxicology by Steven G. Gilbert, Ph.D., DABT.