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HazMatters & The Wide World of Pesticides

Hazardous Materials and You, in a comic book and a short film!

En Español

Many of the products we use in our homes and garages can be toxic. If the label says Caution- Warning-Danger-Poison, it is hazardous and needs special disposal. HazMatters, a comic book, and The Wild World of Pesticides, an animated film, were designed by two artists to raise public awareness and show how hazardous materials affect public health and environmental quality.

HazMatters – A Comic Book

Edie Everette’s HazMatters comic book explores household hazardous waste and personal responsibility with stories full of questions, humor, and interactive activities. The book cleverly reveals many ways household hazardous waste intersects with our everyday lives. Call 206-296-4692 or email for your free copy of the comic book.

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The Wild World of Pesticides
– An Animated Film

Clyde Petersen’s The Wild World of Pesticides details the life and history of DDT and the positive steps we can take to reduce the use of toxic pesticides. A cast of stop-motion animated paper penguins, living in a watercolor landscape, tells stories of pesticide use in farming, landscaping and gardening.



Edie Everette is a visual artist, cartoonist and writer. Read her behind-the-scenes look into the HazMatters design process in her articles “I am a Public Artist” Part 1 and Part 2 on the 4Culture blog.

Clyde Petersen is an animator, musician, and a member of S.E.A.T. (Seattle Experimental Animation Team).


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