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Business Waste: Blueprint Developing Solution
Proper Disposal: If waste ammonia solution from blueprint operations must be disposed, manage it as a hazardous waste. For more information, call the Business Waste Line at 206-263-8899.

Ammonia solution from blueprint transfer processes cannot be disposed in the sanitary sewer, storm drain or septic system.
Recycle: Consider using it up. Give it away to maintenance staff or list it with the Industrial Materials Exchange (IMEX). Since the solution becomes less concentrated during the blueprint transfer process, uncontaminated used solution can be diluted with water and used for general cleaning or to strip wax.
Potential Hazards: Ammonia/water solutions designate as hazardous waste. The ammonia solution used by architectural firms for blueprint transfers typically contains about 28 percent ammonia. Ammonia in the waste solution ranges from 2 to 18 percent. In contrast, freshly opened bottles of household ammonia range from five to ten percent ammonia.
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Last Modified: 11/02/2010

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