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Find Free, Partially Used Products

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Reuse Program – Free Recycled Household Products

King County residents and non-profit organizations have access to free slightly used products at the Wastemobile and our mobile disposal sites. When you visit, you'll find usable household cleaners, oil-based paints, stains, automotive products, and other products brought by the public to Wastemobile.

If you have questions please contact us: 206-296-4692 or

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find the Wastemobile?
Auburn Wastemobile – Located at the Outlet Collection (See hours)
Travelling Wastemobile – Multiple locations (See hours)

What types of products are available?
Inventory changes daily and vary at each Wastemobile site. Products that may be available include: Oil-based paint, stain and primer oil-based paint, stain and primer; wood care products; cleaning products (e.g., bleach, toilet cleaner); automotive products (e.g., oil, antifreeze, car wax).

How do I get items if I see something I want?
Visit a Wastemobile disposal site. Staff will direct you to where you can check out the items.
If you see something you want we will ask you to fill out and sign a release form before receiving any items.

Are free items available at the other disposal locations in Seattle or Factoria?
At this time we are only offering free products at our Wastemobile sites. The Wastemobile travels to multiple cities in King County, which makes the reuse items available widely. There is also a fixed Wastemobile site in Auburn that has items available.

Who can get items?
The general public and non-profit organizations can participate in this program. We just ask that you don’t sell the items and that products are used for your project or home.

How is giving hazardous products back for people helping with hazardous waste?
Reusing items saves money. It also keeps these usable products out of the waste stream.