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Workshops for Janitors and House Cleaners

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Workshops for Janitors & House Cleaners

Cleaning With Caution

Janitors and house cleaners are constantly exposed to cleaning chemicals that may harm themselves, their families, their clients and the environment. We offer a 45 minute to an hour workshop that increases their knowledge of the health effects of cleaning products and reduces their exposure.

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, we reach our diverse audiences in an environment they feel comfortable in. Our materials are translated in up to 15 languages.

Benefits of this workshop

Attendees have reported these results:

  • 75% reported an improvement in their health.
  • 47% changed at least one product to a safer cleaning product.
  • Some have shared this with their clients who have switched to safer cleaning products.
  • Some community organizations now have their own workshops for their community.
  • Understanding the importance of using personal protective equipment.

Workshop course content

Participants will learn

After completing the workshop, each participant will receive

Participant involvement

Participants are encouraged to

  • bring their cleaning supplies or a list of the products they use.
  • share their own cleaning recipes and experiences with the class.
  • fill out an evaluation of the workshop afterwards.

To schedule a workshop, or for other information, contact Donna Galstad: Indoor Chemical Hazards Project Coordinator, Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County (LHWMP)