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Interagency Compliance Team
Agencies working together to protect the environment, public health and safety of our communities

The Interagency Compliance Team (ICT), made up of representatives of local, state and federal agencies, uses a unique approach to bring environmental problem sites into compliance.

ICT shares information, develops a strategy and then meets with the business/site owner to implement the strategy. This approach is more effective than individual agencies working separately and has proven to work.

Since 2001, ICT has worked with over 60 property owners with multiple environmental issues to ensure that they follow environmental, public health and worker safety regulations.

BEFORE & AFTER Photo Gallery - For more details on some of these sites, see RESULTS of our work

Businesses, agencies and communities benefit:

  • Businesses save time and money when the ICT inspects their facility instead of receiving numerous visits by various agencies.
  • Businesses save time and money when agencies provide the business with one list of everything that is expected of them.
  • Clean up costs are lower when problems at businesses are dealt with early on.
  • Businesses respond more cooperatively when agencies work in harmony with them.
  • The site comes into environmental compliance more quickly and efficiently when agencies work together.
  • Neighborhoods and natural resources are protected from preventable environmental contamination.