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Get Help With Regulations

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Get help with regulations

We provide technical help and services at no-charge*. Several other state and local regulators (listed below) oversee the management of hazardous materials and waste. You may also want to contact them for help or to clarify requirements that seem contradictory or confusing.

*These services are paid for in your utility bills; Board of Health 11.04.060.

Air quality

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (external link), or PSCAA, at 206-343-8800 and the Washington Department of Ecology (external link) at 425-649-7000 administer local and state air emission regulations.

Emergency Planning for Chemicals in your Community

The public and local first responders have a right to know when you have large amounts of hazardous substances at your site. When informed, first responders can improve chemical safety and protect the community during an emergency.

Call the Department of Ecology's Hazardous Substances Information Line (external link) at 1-800-633-7585 to find out if you need to report chemicals at your site or notify emergency response planning authorities.

Dangerous Waste (Hazardous Waste)

The Washington Department of Ecology (external link) enforces state dangerous waste regulations (external link), including hazardous waste. Call the Northwest Regional Office at 425-649-7000.

Fire safety

Local fire departments implement local fire codes that govern hazardous materials. For more information contact your local fire department. For Seattle, visit the Fire Department website (external link) or call 206-386-1400. Other fire departments are listed under "Fire & Rescue" on the Regional Public Information Network (external link).

Garbage and landfill disposal

Public Health - Seattle & King County (external link) implements regulations governing the handling and disposal of solid waste in King County. Certain wastes require a written permit for disposal. Complete a waste characterization form (PDF) or contact the Waste Characterization Program at 206-263-8528 or

Septic systems

Public Health - Seattle & King County (external link) oversees regulations on septic systems. For King County, call the Eastgate Office at 206-477-8050. In other counties, contact the local health department for information.

Sewer discharges

The King County Industrial Waste Program (external link) or the local sewer agency implements regulations governing what can go into the sanitary sewer system. Call Industrial Waste at 206-477-5300 or the local sewer utility for information on discharges and to obtain approval to discharge.


  • For spills that are a fire or safety hazard, call 911.
  • For spills that could reach storm drains, surface water or groundwater, contact the Washington Department of Ecology (external link) at 425-649-7000.
  • For spills on shipping lanes, call the United States Coast Guard at 800-424-8802.

Storm drains, run-off and water quality

Storm drains are for rainwater only. For information on storm water management and water quality protection, check with your city government.

In unincorporated King County, contact Stormwater Services (external link) at 206-296-1900.

Transporting hazardous materials

Several agencies can help you safely transport hazardous materials and/or hazardous wastes:

  • Washington State Department of Ecology (external link), Northwest Regional Office, 425-649-7000
  • Federal Department of Transportation through the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, 360-753-6423
  • Washington State requires you to secure your load (external link) for safer roads and avoid extra fees.

Worker safety

Contact the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Industrial Safety and Health Division, (external link) Seattle office at 206-515-2837 for information about worker safety. The L&I Small Business Center offers fast help for small business owners at 1-800-987-0145.