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Find Free, Partially Used Products

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Find free, partially used products

The Reuse Program gives away products that are in good condition to customers who are interested. Products that may be available include:

  • Oil-based paint, stain and primer
  • Wood care products
  • Cleaning products (i.e. bleach, toilet cleaner)
  • Automotive products (i.e. oil, antifreeze, car wax)
  • Less toxic fertilizers and pesticides

The reusable products are available in King County at:

Click here for more information and a complete schedule of the sites.

Residents must fill out and sign a release form prior to receiving any materials.

The Reuse Program keeps products that are the least hazardous out of the waste stream and makes them available to residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Reusing these products saves money.

Customers wishing to pick up reusable products from the South Seattle (HHW) facility should park on the east side of 2nd Ave S. and enter through gate # 5 during the site’s regular collection days and hours of operation. There is a 10 item per person limit. The site has limited storage capacity and selection is limited to what is available in the yellow storage cabinets next to the household hazardous waste unloading area.

Note: The ReUse Store that was located at 3641 2nd Avenue South Seattle ceased operation on July 26th, 2008.