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Property Managers

Home >> Business Hazardous Waste >> Property Managers – Find out how and where to dispose of problem wastes

Property Managers

Find out how and where to dispose of problem wastes

Fluorescent lights need to go be disposed as hazardous waste or recycled. Find a vendor here (scroll down). They contain mercury and cannot be crushed or put in the garbage.

Latex paint Dry it out and then put it in the garbage. Follow the simple steps here. We do not accept latex paint at our hazardous waste drop off sites.

Contaminated soils You may be able to dispose of contaminated soil in a dumpster or at a municipal landfill. To get permission, call 206-263-8528 or email Or you can find a vendor.

E-mail us or call us at 206-263-1651 for more information on safely storing and disposing of your tenant's wastes.


*These services are paid for in your utility bills; Board of Health 11.04.060.