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Financial Incentives

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Get up to $2500 back for major changes

Your business can get 50% of its costs back up to $2500 per business site* when you purchase durable equipment that improves hazardous waste management.**

You can use the funds for

  • durable equipment.
  • new technology.
  • reducing the generation of hazardous waste.

To qualify you must

  • be located in King County. This includes cities and unincorporated areas, and all of Bothell and Pacific. 
  • produce less than 220 lbs/month of hazardous waste.***
  • receive a visit from a field representative who will recommend how you can receive your reimbursement.
  • agree to share information about your improvements with others.
  • prove the purchase greatly improves hazardous waste management or and/or protecting the environment
  • show the environmental benefits from using the new equipment
  • work with our field staff to write a letter requesting the funds.

When we review your letter, we will consider if

  • the purchase is for substantial improvements in the way you manage your hazardous materials and not for routine expenses.
  • the money is an important motivator for you to make the improvements.
  • you show in your application that you have a long-term commitment to maintain the hazardous waste management improvements.
  • the improvements were voluntary and not required by regulation.

*Funds are limited and are subject to annual budgetary approval.

**A fee charged on garbage/water/sewer bills funds the Substantial Improvement Reimbursement Program (SIR).

***To qualify for the Substantial Improvement Reimbursement program (SIR), the business must be a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) (must create less than 100 kg (220 lb.)/month), have a valid business license where required by law, and be located within the service area of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County. SQG is defined by State regulations, including, but not limited to Chapter 173 - 303 WAC, RCW 70.105.