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Governance and Program Structure

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Management Coordination Committee (MCC)

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County (Program) is a multi-jurisdictional program which is implemented through a multi-jurisdictional Management Coordination Committee (MCC). The MCC is enabled through the King County Board of Health (BOH Code 11.04.) It is also recognized as the Program governing entity by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

The MCC sets the Programs strategic direction and implementation policies and oversees the Programs operations including development of annual budgets and work plans. It operates through the consensus of its five members, who are drawn from each of the Program Partners listed below. The MCC is staffed by the Program Director, Lynda Ransley, who works with the MCC to fulfill its obligation to provide Program services to the ratepayers and the public at large.

Management Coordination Committee Members:

Joan Lee, (Chair), King County Water & Land Resources Division
Councilmember Hank Myers, (Vice Chair), City of Redmond Council, Sound Cities Association
Darrell Rodgers, PhD, Public Health – Seattle & King County
Jeff Gaisford, King County Solid Waste Division
Susan Fife-Ferris, Seattle Public Utilities

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program Management Coordination Committee (MCC) 2017 [REVISED] Meeting Schedule

Management Coordination Committee Agenda and Minutes

  January, 2017 - Agenda | Minutes
  February, 2017 Meeting Canceled
  March, 2017 - Agenda | Minutes
  April, 2017 - Agenda | Minutes
  May, 2017 - Agenda | Minutes
  June, 2017 Meeting Canceled - MCC member work session.
  July, 2017 Meeting Canceled - July 18, 2017 MCC Meeting/Workshop was canceled
  August, 2017 Meeting Canceled - August, 2017 MCC Meeting was canceled
  September, 2017 - Agenda
  January, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  February, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  March, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  April, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  May, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  June, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  July, 2016 Meeting Canceled
  August, 2016 Meeting Canceled
  September, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  October, 2016 Meeting Canceled
  November, 2016 Meeting Canceled
  December, 2016 - Agenda | Minutes
  January, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  February, 2015 Meeting Canceled
  March, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  April, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  May, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  June, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  July, 2015 Meeting Canceled
  August, 2015 Meeting Canceled
  September, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  October, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  November, 2015 - Agenda | Minutes
  December, 2015 Meeting Canceled